Common problems and solutions


Problem List:

[001] All calls are not recorded, why?

There are 6 possible reasons:

  1. There is another recorder working in your phone that blocks Boldbeast. Android allows only one recorder working, so you MUST remove ALL other recorders at first, otherwise Boldbeast will surely fail to record calls.
  2. You revoked permissions needed by Boldbeast, this made the app crashing or working abnormally. Please don't do so.
  3. If you "Force Stop" Boldbeast in the built-in "Settings > Apps" screen, this tells Android that "I don't want Boldbeast to run", thereafter Android will no longer allow Boldbeast running, all your calls will no longer be recorded. Next time when you manually open Boldbeast Android knows you want it to run again, thereafter Android will allow Boldbeast running, all your calls will be recorded again. For this reason please don't "Force Stop" Boldbeast.
  4. You are using wrong settings in Boldbeast to record calls. Please click "Set Default Settings" in Boldbeast and test again.
  5. If you didn't enable the "Auto Record Calls" feature, during a call you should click the in-call button to manually start recording otherwise the call will not be recorded.
  6. If you enabled the "Auto Record Calls" feature, please confirm you have set the "Call Settings > Auto Record Calls > Rule to Auto Record Calls" option in Boldbeast correctly.

[002] Some calls are recorded but some calls are not, it seems randomly, why?

Android 6.0 and later versions have a feature named Battery Optimization, to save battery Android will put an app into the deactivated state if the app is not used for a long time.

If a call recorder is put into the deactivated state:

This is the reason why "it seems randomly".

Solution 1

The problem will be fixed by enabling the "App Settings > Standby Indicator" in Boldbeast, this will avoid the app being deactivated.

Solution 2

The problem will be fixed by changing Battery Optimization related settings in your phone. The location of settings may be different from phone to phone, for example:


Some third-party apps are very powerful that can prevent other apps working, such as XX Greenify, XX App Manager, XX Task Manager, XX Battery Optimizer, XX Privacy Guard, XX Clean Master etc. These apps prevent Boldbeast working, as a result some of your calls will not be recorded. Please don't allow them block Boldbeast doing it's job, usually you need to add Boldbeast into their "White List".

[003] In all recorded calls my voice is good but the caller's voice is weak, why?

It's possible you are using wrong settings in Boldbeast, please click "Set Default Settings" and test again. If the problem is still there please try to find your phone in [301] bellow to use suggested settings to record calls.

Please note, some phones need root to fix the problem, for example Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G4, HTC M7 etc, see [301] bellow.

[004] In some recorded calls my voice is good but the caller's voice is weak, however in some recorded calls both voice are perfect, it seems randomly, why?

[005] I made a call to my friend, the first several seconds were not recorded, why?

If you record calls automatically, for an outgoing call by default Boldbeast starts recording arbitrarily 15 seconds after dialing, as a result:

You can change "Call Settings > Outgoing Calls > Auto Detect Max Time (Seconds)" from 15 to a smaller number (for example change it to 3 seconds) to solve the problem, but at first you should check if your phone has the problem or not described in [004] above.

[006] Without bluetooth calls are recorded very well, however with bluetooth my own voice is very weak in recorded calls, why?

There is a bug in the ROM of your phone related to bluetooth recording, no matter what recorder in the market you are using the problem is always there.

Boldbeast can fix the problem for most phones. Please root your phone, enable the "Call Settings > Fix Recording Issues > Change Audio Control" option in Boldbeast, then you'll record calls perfectly in two directions via bluetooth. The option is visible only after you root the phone.

[101] Why can't I disabe the Recording Indicator?

[102] I changed my phone, how to copy recorded files from the old phone to the new phone?

In your old phone if you have set Boldbeast backing up recorded files to your cloud drive (Google Drive, Dropbox etc), please:

In your old phone if you have not set Boldbeast backing up recorded files to your cloud drive, please:

[161] What is "root a phone"?

This means geting superuser privileges of your phone to access some resources limited by the system.

[162] Do I need to root my phone? How to root my phone?

There are more than 10000 Android phones in the market, most of them don't need root, Boldbeast works great, just install it and go. However there are some phones such as Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G4, HTC M7 etc having problems inside the ROM that make all recorders not work well, you should root the phones then Boldbeast can fix recording problems for them. The root approach is different from phone to phone, please google "Root AAAA" to know how to root your phone, here AAAA is your phone model, for example "Root Nexus 6P".

[163] The app displays "Cannot record calls because of SELinux ...", what should I do?

The reason and the solution: Remove SELinux Limit.

[201] What's the difference between the pro version and the free version?

The pro version has the "Auto Record Calls" feature that the free version doesn't have, this is the only difference. You can manually record calls with the free version.

[202] Previously I bought the license from Google Play, now I want to transfer the license to my new phone but I don't know my Google Play order number, how can I find it?


If for any reason it doesn't display your Google Play order number, please:

Note: You don't have a Google Play order number if you bought the license out of Google Play (for example you bought it from our website with PayPal, Taobao, Avangate etc), so you don't need to care about this.

[301] There are many options in Boldbeast, what settings should I use?

Currently there are more than 10000 Android phones in the market, Boldbeast supports most of them.

Here is a list of popular phones, click the link to see suggested settings and feedbacks from users.

Samsung phones

Motorola phones

LGE phones

Huawei phones

HTC phones

Sony phones

OnePlus phones

Google Nexus / Pixel phones

Cyanogenmode ROM

[999] More helps

Need more helps? Please click the "Call Settings > Fix Recording Issues > Ask New Parameters" item in Boldbeast to send log files to and detail your problem to us, let us check them and help you.