Android VoIP Call Recorder

Record video calls and voice calls from VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Line, WeChat, Skype, magicApp, Signal etc.


Android VoIP Call Recorder Features

Android VoIP Call Recorder Compatibility

Compare to Other Call Recorders

On the market several other Android call recorders said they can record VoIP calls, but actually they all can't. Why? Because Android allows only one app to use the microphone. As a result,

Is there any chance that some of those recorders work? No, all of them 100% don't work, without exception. You can test and confirm this fact yourself.

Boldbeast VoIP Call Recorder uses the microphone in a shared manner, so it works perfectly with all VoIP apps on the market. This is the only solution that really works in the whole Android world.

Compare to Other Screen Recorders

Boldbeast VoIP Call Recorder also works as a screen recorder, and it is far more powerful than other screen recorders.

Download Android VoIP Call Recorder

Download the latest version V2.2 (supports Android 5.0 up).

Android VoIP Call Recorder

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VoIP Call Recorder in Google Play

[Root Needed] To enjoy the wonderful features provided by this app, you must root your phone at first. Don't download the app if you have not rooted your phone yet or even don't know what root is, because the app is useless to you in this case. Please google "Root AAAA" to know how to root your phone, here AAAA is your phone model, for example google "Root Pixel 4".

Start, Stop, Pause and Resume Recording

When a VoIP call comes, the VoIP app (WhatsApp, Skype etc) doesn't notify this app, so this app can't start recording automatically because it doesn't know the event. You should tap the record button on the notification or on the float view to start recording. When the call is ended, this app doesn't know the event either, so you should tap the stop button to stop recording. During recording you can pause and resume recording if you want.


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Problems and Solutions

Android Call Recorder

Record normal cellular calls.

Android Call Recorder