Android VoIP Call Recording problems and solutions


Commonly Asked Questions about Android VoIP Call Recording

[001] I have rooted my phone and other apps can get root access successfully, but the app said "cannot get root access", why?

You are using an old version of the app. Please update Boldbeast in your phone to the latest version, then it works at once.

[002] In Magisk Manager I installed the CallRecordingFix module, but the app said I have not installed it yet, why?

Most possibly you enabled the option "Magisk Core Only Mode" in Magisk Manager. Please disable the option and reboot the phone, it will work at once.

[003] I can't open the app, or when I open the app the screen is blank, or it displays "the app is not installed properly." why?

Google Play asked developers to use the new AAB format instead of the traditional APK format to publish apps. When you install an app Google Play will send to your phone files that are dynamically generated according to your phone specification, therefore the files received are smaller, and they are different from phone to phone.

Boldbeast published in Google Play used the new AAB format. So far it works good. However in a few phones Boldbeast crashes when you open it. This is because:

In this case please install the app from our official website, the problem will be fixed at once. Boldbeast published in our official website used the traditional APK format, so it doesn't have this problem.

[101] There are echoes and noises in my recordings, why?

During recording if the loud speaker is switched on:

The sound that is being played back by apps is recorded twice, the first one is good, the second one becomes echoes. The room sound becomes noises in recordings if the room is noisy.

To get crystal clear recordings without echoes and noises inside, please

[999] More helps

Need more helps? Please tap the "Settings > Send Log Files" item in Boldbeast to send log files to and detail your problem to us, let us check them and help you.