what is my option for hot key at n8.
i couldnt find any combination that feet the n8 hot key.


You can use "Application Menu" key as the hot key, press it twice/thrice/four times(you can select one of the methods) quickly to trigger the action of starting/stopping recording.

The new version will add the Camera key to be a available hot key. It's comming soon, every one can update to the new version for free.


Boldbeast Recorder 2.7 is available now, please update your software.


although the camera key work now in the new version  as a hotkey, it come with a problem:
the long press on the camera key in addtion to open the phone's camera aplication doesn't work now.
please fix that as soon as possible


Some keys for example XpressMusic key, camera key etc can only used by one software in the mean time, this is determined by the phone itself, it can't be changed.

If the camera key is used by any third party software as the hot key, the key will no longer trigger the internal camera program.