hey thanks for your great software its the best
but need better UI and user frindly
this is not attractive .

also need MP3 !!
and why is it save the recorded file in private folder !!
isnt possble record in data folder + locked that donst show on gallery  ?!!


Thank you for your suggestion, we'll try our best to make Boldbeast better.

Implementing a MP3 coder is related to copyright issues, we are investigating it. I'm afraid it is not easy.

Using Symbian Data Caging technology to store clips in the private folder is welcomed by many users, because phone call conversation data is so sensitive to you. If save the data in public folders, every software can visit it, we think this is not very well. Of course if users need, we'll consider it.


ops in My N79 after start recording it takes 6 sec that start and show indicator !
its litt slow :-(  one more thing plz  design better indicator icon :-(
u know better design and graphics = more user = more sale :D
its a rules for bussiness :D


Hello . Please try to add more options like call , save to phonebook etc. I was using ultimate voice recorder before and it has all these features wich are very important . for example if i had a record from a number witch i don t have it saved , i have the option to call or save directly. These are very very useful functions . I am called from a lot of numers wich i don t have in my phonebook , and i can t call back directly from boldbeast , or save the number in phonebook directly from boldbeast . Thank you


Thank you all.
We'll evaluate the needs users told us, and improve Boldbeast in the future versions.