Dear Sir,
I need information that on which model of coma or gsm/cdma mobile, bold beast works very fine without any beep...
It may android or any other os...  It will be good if you specified dual sim . I will buy for both of the imdi.....
Thank you......


If you want to buy a Android phone, Samsung S4, Note3, Note2 works well. In some countries Samsung disabled the call recording feature of these phones, in this case you should root your phone to let Boldbeast Recorder to fix this issue.

If you want to buy a Nokia phone, Nokia N8 808 E7 E6 C7 C6 X7 500 603 700 701 works well. You should install a patch to remove beeps, you can download the patch from our web site.


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply...
I was asking for model of cdma mobile . It may be single sim or dual sim i.e. gsm/cdma
Please specify the model which should I buy......... Because I do not have idea which model will work fine with bold beast....
I am  using nokia N8 and it is working fine ( I used the patch)
I have a coma connection for which I need bold beast... I am a big fan of bold beast software and have been using it for years...


We don't have feedback from users about dural sim Android phones. It seems Nokia don't have dural sim phones. Sorry for that.


Dear sir,
Pls tell me about CDMA mobile. Which model of CDMA mobile with android
Should I buy


Samsung Galaxy S4 is suggested.


Dear Sir,
Please guide me which of the model in the chart support beep less boldest…
I need to use in a coma mobile…..

Brand       Model               OS   
Micromax      Canvas Blaze    Android Jelly Bean     
Intex    Aqua Octa            4.2.2 Jelly Bean    
Huawei    Huawei B199    4.3 Jelly Bean    
Lenovo     A600E         
ZTE             N790              Android OS v2.3    
INTEX     AQUA 4.0            Android 2.3     
HTC            Desire XC            Android ICS OS    
HTC            Desire VC            Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


- There are several CDMA standards, for example CDMA2000, WCDMA etc. Usually a mobile operator only supports one of them, so you need to ask the mobile operator, if their network supports CDMA2000 then you should buy a CDMA2000 mobile phone, if their network supports WCDMA then you should buy a WCDMA mobile phone.

- Unlike Nokia phones, Android phones don't have the beep problem, but they have another problem - some Android phones can't record calls well.

- "Some Android phones can't record calls well", this usually is not caused by bugs in the phone, instead it is caused by the manufacturer intentionally because of local laws, regulations, requirements from the mobile operators etc. For example in some countries Galaxy Note3 record calls well, in other countries it can't record calls.

- If you bought a phone that can't record calls well, several call recorders in the market can fix this problem (maybe you need to root the phone). A popular phone can always find a call recorder that works, it is possible that a phone not so popular can find no call recorder that works well.

- Here is some information of phones you listed:

Micromax      Canvas Blaze    Android Jelly Bean     ---> No feed back from users
Intex    Aqua Octa            4.2.2 Jelly Bean                    ---> No feed back from users
Huawei    Huawei B199    4.3 Jelly Bean                    ---> No feed back from users
Lenovo     A600E                                                             ---> Need root to fix the recording issue
ZTE             N790              Android OS v2.3                  ---> No feed back from users
INTEX     AQUA 4.0            Android 2.3                         ---> No feed back from users
HTC            Desire XC            Android ICS OS             ---> Need root to fix the recording issue
HTC            Desire VC           Android 4.0 Ice Cream  ---> Need root to fix the recording issue