While recording  the calls no beep is heard. This is fine.

I move the clips to other folder, I try to listen it, it starts to run but nothing is played, only silent....

I would like to be able to listen them in order to check if the programme works properly,  because I know other softwares where there is no beep while recording, but when you listen to the records they are impossible to understand.... in this case nothing is heard....

What is wrong?

Another question:

Does your software allows to send the clips via e-mail? It would be great, otherwise you'll always need to handle the target mobile, it's not fine..

Thanks for your response!


(1) In the phone call clips list screen, press the Play Back menu item to play a clip, can you hear the sound?
     - If you can hear the sound, Boldbeast has no problem.
     - If you can't hear the sound, Boldbeast didn't work well. The most likely reason is that there is another recorder software running in the mean time, which blocked Boldbeast recording phone calls. Please disable or uninstall that recorder software first.

(2) After you moved clips to other folders, what is the player you used to play the clips? If you use the build-in media player it should work, if you use a third-party player maybe you should check it again.

(3) You can send clips via email in Boldbeast manually. It can't send email automatically and silently. Maybe we'll develope another software which has this feature.