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hearing BEEPS in ongoing conversation, cannot remove it
phone is Nokia6 on Android 7.12
Using the latest registered pro version of Bold Beast Callrecorder,
tried several audio formats, they give thee same result
please help and advise
thank you


Old Nokia Symbian phones have the beep problem.
Android phones don't have the beep problem. If you hear beeps you can easily fix it yourself:

- In some Android phones, please open the "Settings > My device > Call > Call alerts > Call status tones" screen, you will find options like "Call connect tone", "Minute minder" and "Call end tone", disable them and you're all set.

- In some Android phones, it may be in the "Settings > Device > Call > Minute minder" screen.

- In some Android phones, when a call is ongoing please click the Menu key to display the Settings screen inside the Dialer app, then disable the "Minute counter" option.