I have been using Boldbeast on my above phone for some time now. But from the time the Boldbeast Icon changed color from Black to Green, it can only record calls for less than one minute. I can't even find the option for changing the call duration.
Please help, this is a paid version I am using.



The free version doesn't have the "auto record calls" feature, you should click the in-call button to manually start recording, the recording has no limit (indeed limited only by your disk space). In the free version you can test the "auto record calls" feature, during test it records only 30 seconds every time. The limit is removed in the pro version.

Please open the "About" screen in Boldbeast Recorder, check if the app is the pro version. If it is not the pro version please click the Restore button, the app will become the pro version at once, thereafter the limit will disappear.