I have a samsung s7 with a call list of 57 calls and find that I'm unable to find the calls listed as numbers 40 to 47, then 50, 51 then 54 to57.
When I try to play these files the message "Cannot find the recorded file in the "/sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec" folder. If needed you can click the "Move Files" menu item to move the files from another folder to this folder.
When I go to move files section it comes up with the move recorded with the from folder as /sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec
But when I click on it to select the file none of the files listed as cannot find appear on the list, only the ones I'm able to playback and have already moved to my computer show up.
I connected the phone to my laptop by usb and no files show up in the card folder it displays as empty, the same is so when I plug the card into the card reader.
All the files that I can access are found when I go samsung galaxy phone folder then to com.boldbeast.recorder/rec folder.
What do I need to do find and retrieve the files on the list that are not accessible as the are quite important. the files I've moved and the missing ones all have the protected padlock on them when displayed in the call list.


By default your recordings were saved in the /sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec folder.

If you did things like:
- change the folder to /sdcard/aaa/bbb/ccc.
- record the calls 40 to 47.
- change the folder back to /sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec.
Now the recordings 40 to 47 can't be played back by Boldbeast because they are not in the designated folder. You should move them to the /sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec folder to fix the problem.

If you have never changed the folder, this indicates the recordings 40 to 47 have been deleted by other apps. Boldbeast displays the recording entries, but the sound files no longer exist. In this case you should click the 'Rebuild List" item, then Boldbeast will delete the empty entries to make the list consistent with sound files in the folder.

Making a call protected in boldbeast can prevent Boldbeast to delete it. But it can't prevent other apps to delete the sound file.

You said you can't use the file manager inside your computer to manage recordings in your phone, please see [104] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to know how to fix it.