I have a Galaxy s9+ and until mid january the Boldbeast sound worked perfectly both my own voice and incoming call.
Then suddenly the sound for all incoming calls was so weak that it was impossible to hear (almost mute).
Bixby  seemed to be the problem but unfortunately Bixby can not be uninstalled. Going through all Bixby apps and "pacifying" them almost managed the problem with the sound, BUT the incoming sound from callers is signifiantly lower than my own voice.
Could somebody please help with a solution to the weak sound problem for incoming calls.
Thank You from May-Britt Denmark


I guess your phone are running Android 9.
Galaxy S9+ Android 8 works great in all countries, just install the app and go. Android 9 in some countries works good, but in other countries can't record the caller's voice. In this case you should root the phone then this app can fix the problem perfectly. Otherwise all recorders in the market don't work well for sure.


Ref. Galaxy S9 plus - not possible to hear caller's voice.
Why can't Boldbeast fix the problem with incoming caller's voice from Boldbeast side?

If the problem can be attributed to Samsung, why can't Boldbeast have a dialogue with Samsung so this annoying problem once and for all can be solved?

What's the point of having a voice recorder if it can't record caller's voice?
Samsung must be able to understand that and be accommodating!

Boldbeast was so kind to give guidance on how you can fix the problems by "rooting" the phone.
I have now been advised that if you as a customer "tamper" with the mobile's "root", then the warranty does not apply anymore.

As I am a pure amateur electronically, I dare not risk loosing my warranty by entering the root.

As is seems to be a worldwide problem - please, please help to solve it your end.

Thanking you in anticipation.
May-Britt from Denmark


Manufacturers disabled the call recording feature intentionally in specific market areas. Why? Because of the local laws, regulations, requirements from the operators, or decisions by the manufacturers themselves for their own reasons.

The manufacturer doesn't want you to record calls, but you need to record calls.
We can help but you need to root the phone, otherwise the app has no permission to change audio settings.
Root the phone will lose warranty.
I know it's very hard. Many users are struggling.

My advice? I have no advice. In this situation it's hard to me also.


Hi Boldbeast,

Galaxy S9+
Thank you for your advice about rooting the phone. There is no way that I dare "tamper" with the phone's root.
I am technically not experienced AND I don't want to loose my warranty.

Instead I have now investigated a bit more about the problems with hearing the callers voice.

When my phone was updated with the Android/ Pie, my phone lost the ability to record the callers voice although it had been possible and working perfect for more than ½ year.

I phoned Samsung customer service in Copenhagen and they claimed that it was Google that had blocked the oppotunity to recall calls because it was prohibited according to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applicable in all Europe.

I then contacted the Danish Data Protection Authority and they confirmed (just as I thought) it is not prohibited for private individuals to record phone conversations. It is only prohibited for companies.

So it is wrong of Google depriving private individuals to record phone calls.

Can you use this information???

Probably it could also be legal to record phone calls in other European countries - as long as it is "private calls".


Thank you for sharing the information.