I am testing demo version but i detected this errors.

1- Recorded Phone Calls DO NOT Play in phone. When click nothing happens. Do not open the player. It is strange as the memo clips works perfect.

2- After reboot software do not work, and i need to reopen it. Hope you add a startup feature.

Please, confirm this problems, as number 1 is very important problem.
I dont have any other recorder on the phone. Memo clips works perfect, NOT recording clips... why?


Hi droopy,

(1) In Boldbeast press Detail menu item, is the file size, duration displayed correct?

(2) Set the "Auto Start Server" to "Yes", Boldbeast will startup automatically upon power on, you don't need to reopen it.


1) Yes, file size and duration appears. But the call is not display correct. Also i could not locate the path. Moreover, i try to Move the file to E: drive, and do not appear on the files. something is happening , please check.
I use nokia 5800 firmware v52.  Beeps is not listen, but recorded not appears...

2) OK.


It is obvious the clip is not recorded correctly. Another software prevented Boldbeast from recording, the most likely software is  another recorder software.

We tested on our 5800, and many users tested on their 5800, Boldbeast can work. Please check your 5800 again. If you can't find what software it is, maybe you should reset the phone and try again.