I have a problem, the phone cal recordings are working perfectly for over a year now on my Nokia Phone, and when I plug in my phone to the PC normally there appears a map with the name: private, when I click on that map al my phone calls appears and I can make a copie to my PC, the problem now is, when I plug in my phone to my PC, there appears no map anymore with private on it, so I can not copie my calls anymore now to my PC ? Can you please help me with that problem ?

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If you use a file manager in your computer to copy recorded files, please set the file manager to "show hidden files", then you can see them.


For copying the recorded files in your computer you can use the router as a channel. It's much more secure than others. Few days before I am also transferring the files via router and then I faced some Netgear Router Password Issues then I solve it by my own. This is a really great technique you can try this.