Hello everyone.

Please is there any boldbeast support for IPhone, as technology is evolving every minute?

I believe most of you might have asked this already.



Boldbeast Recorder has no IPhone version. Sorry.


Is there any way you all could make an IPhone version? I read on the net that Apple itself is preventing call recordings. Is this the reason you do not have an IOS version? This is what is keepping me on Android phones, which I TRULY WANT TO STOP USING. I want to get an IPhone but after researching, there seems to be no comparable version and Boldbeast, is by far, the very best recording app there is.
Thanks in advance and thanks tons for the very best recording app ever!


Apple doesn't provide to developers API to develop a call recorder.




I wish Boldbeast Recorder works on iPhone. Try TapeACall Pro it's $11 a year. It works on my friend's phone just fine. Has a few more steps to record the phone call than Boldbeast Recorder.