Hi I have a Galaxy A70. How can i make BB activate automatically after phone rebpoot please?


If you do nothing, Boldbeast Recorder will automatically start up after reboot.

It will fail to start up after reboot if you specially revoked the "RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED" permission from the app, or used a third-party app like "permission manager", "task manager", "master cleaner" etc blocking the app to do so.


I am using Xiaomi Mi 9T.  In my previous phone, Note 3, the app worked fine.  It always auto started after a reboot and also after clearing the memory.
Now, it doesn't. All setting looks fine.
If I manually start the application - it will work and record calls, but once it is "killed", it wont come back.
Any idea?


You said "once it is killed, it wont come back", you should not kill it. An ordinary app can not resist a killer.
You should add Boldbeast Recorder into the "white list" inside the killer app to prevent it being killed again.