Hi, does anyone know how to configure this app so voice call over the Bluetooth will be recorded too? This app is great however even I connect any Bluetooth headset I can hear only my voice and other speaker is silent.


If recordings are good without bluetooth but bad with bluetooth, this indicates your ROM has bugs inside related to bluetooth. No matter what recorder you are using the problem is always there.

If you don't root the phone, you have to wait for the manufacturer to fix it in future ROM updates.

If you root the phone,
- if your phone has a Qualcomm chipset inside, Boldbeast Recorder can fix it at once. Please enable the "Change Audio Control" option in the app, then you'll record calls perfectly in two directions via bluetooth. The option is visible only after you root the phone.
- if your phone has a chipset other than Qualcomm, I'm afraid you still have no solution in the whole market unfortunately.