I have a Moto g7 power Android 9, rooted, and I have tried some of the troubleshooting settings that have been posted on the forum and it still seems to glitch on me. Please help, any assistance would be greatly appreciated


Now that you have rooted your Android 9 phone, please
- Open Boldbeast Recorder, tap the item "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Install CallRecordingFix Module", it will display the folder name in which the CallRecordingFix module is saved.
- Open Magisk Manager, tap the top-left icon, tap Modules, tap the bottom-center "+" icon to install the CallRecordingFix module.
- Power off then power on the phone.

Use these settings to record calls:
- Record Mode: 1
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Route: Group1
- Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls: Yes
- Fix Recording Issues - Start Input Stream: Yes
Now you should get crystal clear call recordings.