First let me thank you for helping me get my second license activated on this new phone. I am on Android 10. I have gotten it so that I can hear my side very well but on the other side it is weak. Can you help me figure out a way to get the sound on the other side louder? I have disabled all voice recognition programs and such as and made sure there is nothing on it that could interfere. It is a brand new unlocked phone with no bloatware at all.

Is there a setting that has proven successful in aiding in this? Or do you have plans to give it attention in a near release?

Thank you for anything you can  provide. I am on Pro version of 13.2.


If your voice is good but the voice of your friend is weak or silent in recordings, you should root the phone then Boldbeast Recorder can fix it. Without root there is no solution on the whole market unfortunately.


Out of the question. I have a rooted ATT S4 and BB works great on it stuck at Android 7. But other apps such as banking apps and others will not work on rooted phones. So I bought an S20 Ultra 5g 512GB Unblocked phone that I have put on Spectrum service. I want to receive all updates and I want all apps to work.  So no rooting this one. I thought BB was supposed to support Android 10 and still work. I will have to live with my conversations being quieter on one side on this phone.

I have one PRO 13.2 that is rooted and one that is not. I also love it that when you buy unlocked, you do not get all the bloatware with your phone.

So that and getting the far side to sound a little louder in recordings is not enough to root the phone. Maybe there will be a way to make it work in the future.

BTW, I would not even think of buying any other phone but this S20 Ultra 512GB Unblocked with a 1TB hi-speed micro sdxc card.

Just announce if you ever find a way to get the other side to sound louder, please.

OH, and I finally want a phone that you can use all apps that you download for it. Still love your product. Just please try to find a way to get Google or Samsung to remove that protection please.