I have a Moto G Stylus that has an unlocked bootloader and is rooted.  Processor is Snapdragon 665 Android version 10.

I have tried using the Mode 12 and Tune Audio Route 3 with manual recording.  While it does record, it does so with severe distortion, noise, and sounds extremely slowed down.  Any ideas for alternative combinations worth trying to fix this?

Thank you.


You said "severe distortion, noise, and sounds extremely slowed down", this is because your phone has bugs inside related to audio resampling.

Please use these settings to record calls:

- Record Mode: Alsa
- File Sampling Rate: Auto
- Alsa Device: Alsa Device0
- Alsa Sampling Rate: Auto
- Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls: Yes

The Alsa record engine is made by us, so it can bypass the bugs in the ROM.
At first please disable "OK Google".