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I have Galaxy A11, Android 10, and am on manual till my payment is properly registered. I make sure I do not hit record until I have picked up the call, and while my voice is fine, I cannot record the person who phoned me as they are extremely faint. The only mode that works for this phone is Mode 12.
The only way I can get the other person recorded is to put my phone into hands free mode.
Does anyone else have this same problem?
Yours in hope


It the guys at Boldbeast see this can they assist with this problem as I love this app which is needed to take over from my very faithful ANDRORECORD which did the same thing on my Galaxy S4 but will not function on my new A11.


If your voice is good but the voice of your friend is weak or silent in recordings, you should
- Switch on the loudspeaker during a call, so Boldbeast can record the call on both sides normally. Or
- Root the phone, so Boldbeast can fix it completely to record calls on both sides perfectly without switching on the loudspeaker.


Yes my Samsung A11 and A70 both NEED TO HAVE SPEAKER PHONE ON to record the OTHER side of the conversation...I am reluctant to ROOT due to some security issues....have you found a NON ROOT fix for your A11 yet?  Have you rooted or had to root to fix this issue? Thanks in advance. Sam


To fix it completely root is needed.