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Currently Boldbeast will save all calls, save calls on an include/exclude list, or only save the calls you say to save.

I found that some of the other call recorders use a better way to determine which calls get saved which makes it easier long-term to manage call recordings.

The better way is to have all calls be automatically recorded and placed in an 'Inbox', and will remain there until hitting the Inbox limit, which one can set (50 calls, 100 calls, 150 calls, etc), before the oldest calls are deleted/recycled.

The calls that one wants to save one specifies. Those calls get transferred to the "saved calls" and will never be deleted unless one goes and purposefully deletes them. The saved calls also get uploaded to the cloud as well. Deleting a saved call locally on the phone won't delete the cloud backup.

With Boldbeast as is, one can record all calls, but then has to manually delete all the calls one doesn't want. This creates problems for using Cloud storage as a backup. It is also time-consuming and tedious.

Boldbeast can also be set to delete the file in cloud storage or not delete the file in cloud storage.

Say a user accidentally delete a file via boldbeast application, or someone gets access to the phone and deletes all the call recordings. Then the Cloud storage will also get deleted. Thereby defeating the purpose of having an offsite backup.

If you don't let boldbeast delete the files in cloud storage, then cloud storage will be full of all the calls you don't want to actually save.

If you set boldbeast to ask before saving a file to get around the above issues, then one might decide to not save a call that a few days later one realizes one should've saved.

Hence, the Inbox and Saved Calls concept seems preferable and I would like to formally request the BoldBeast add this feature.

Have boldbeast automatically record all calls into an inbox. Give users the option to be prompted by Boldbeast after each call ends to save the call and take call notes and give the call a subject/title.


Thanks for the suggestion.
We'll consider it.