Asus Zenfone 6, ASUS_I01WDX
Android 10
Service Provider: T-Mobile
Boldbeast Recorder, 14.4 GP, Pro Version
Tried all Record Modes

Calling from cell phone -> Google Voice -> home phone (land line)
I did not try the reverse, that is calling from home to cell, because the cell-to-home route is not working.

I have gone through your steps for silent recordings and while most of the Record Modes made the home phone ring and I could speak and hear from both phones they never recorded the conversation. Since I have enabled the hotkey the calls either go to a recording of "not receiving calls" or to voicemail - the cell calls never ring on the home phone.

I have uninstalled BBR because all of my outgoing calls never ring my home phone, they go to Voice Mail or to the ether, this is not acceptable! I have to tried to reinstall the app to keep testing it but the app does not recognize that I have already purchased to Pro Version. I dearly want this app to work for me so I have two requests:

1) How do I re-install the Pro version of the app?
2) Please advise me to success with BBR.

Manually Record Calls > Hot Key: Enabled
Set Default Settings: Default Values,

Troubleshooting > All calls are not recorded:
1) No other recorder on phone
2) G Voice Assistant. I'm pretty sure it is off, that is, my phone does not respond to "Hey Google." When I long press the Home button GVA responds, but not to voice commands. Google makes it damn hard to disable GVA.
3) No commands have been revoked. BBR has access to Contacts, Microphone, Phone, Storage; Display over other Apps: Allowed.
4) Have never Forced Stop the app.
5) Default Settings: "All settings have been set to default values."
6) Auto Record Calls: Enabled
7) Rule to Auto Record Calls: All

Adaptive Battery: Off


1. Please open the "About" screen in Boldbeast Recorder, tap the Restore button to restore the license, and the app will become the pro version at once.

2. When you make a call via Google Voice, you are making a VoIP call. VoIP calls can't be recorded by any ordinary recorder on the market. Only normal cellular calls can be recorded. Please make cellular calls instead, so that the recorder can record them.

3. If you want to record video calls or voice calls from Google Voice, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Line, WeChat, Skype, magicApp, Signal etc, you need another app made by us - VoIP Recorder https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … iprecorder. At first you should root your phone.