Last night while testing different Android 10 ROMs on my Oneplus 7 pro I installed BoldBeast recording software and liked it so I paid the $9.99 through PayPal for the pro version. Shortly after that I changed to a different ROM and tried to install the Pro features but can't. In the Restore License I get the option for PayPal, it asks for my associated e-mail address then asks for a Security Code. I don't have one so I choose send to request a code via e-mail. The software acknowledges the request but I never get an e-mail. While looking for a solution I found https://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_ … trans.html but that page tells me I don't need a transfer license because I'm running Q. Also somewhere I saw a note saying the machine ID never changes. I can assure you it did change as this is my only phone and my current machine ID does not match the one on my PayPal receipt and it has now changed a third time after uninstalling and reinstalling the BoldBeast software. My e-mails to technical support have yet to be answered and I've yet to get any reply from the e-mail request for a "security code". Any ideas?


Updating for anyone that may see this. I found the "security code" in my Google inbox / spam folder. It seems as Google considers the Boldbeast reply as junk mail. Not really sure why as it was a short text without any type of advertisement so I tagged it as not spam hoping to help the Google filters lighten up. My best guess is Google is angry because they've been defeated. Screw the big tech companies, BoldBeast rocks, I entered the code and everything works well on my rooted Oneplus 7. Highly recommended.