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I initially installed Boldbeast from Google Play.  Subsequently I paid for PRO and downloaded Broadbeast from this web site (to have Contact name lookup).

Will this version be automatically updated by Google Play or do I have to return here and manually download new APKs?

I registered in January 2021 and am currently on v14.4 PRO.  Google Play store doesn't show an option to update Boldbeast.  However version 14.7 is available according to this:


Do I have to do manual updates?


If you installed Boldbeast from Google Play, Google Play will automatically update the app in the future.
If you installed Boldbeast from our website, Google Play will not update the app. You should install new versions from our website.


Thank you for the info. I will install from your site.

If Google Play won't do updates, is there any way to get an alert when a new version is released?


If you installed Boldbeast from our website and if there is a new version, the app will display "New version available" on the main screen inside the app.