I am using v14.7 PRO on a rooted (Magisk 22.1, not Canary) OnePlus 7 Pro running OOS Clip Saving=Storage Access Framework, Clip Saving folder=/storage/emulated/0/BBRec (a pre-existing folder with lots of old BB recordings, index is rebuilt), Tune Audio Effect=checked, Tune Audio Route=Group 1.

*Without* Rooted Options enabled, BB defaults to Record Mode 12, but I have also tried Mode 11 and several others. They do record, but they produce unacceptable echo on the remote phone (not audible on my phone, and the recordings sound fine).  Because the caller is so distracted, I must stop recording.

When I enable Rooted Options, Magisk grants root access, but as soon as I receive a call, my phone freezes, requiring a hard shutdown (Power + Volume Up). Upon reboot, my phone goes into occasional bootloops (every 2 or 3 minutes).  Reboot the phone repeatedly ... between bootloops, I tried both Alsa2 and Alsa, with Alsa Device=Auto, Alsa Bits=16 Bits, Alsa Channels=Auto, Alsa Sampling Rate=Auto, Change Audio Controls=Yes, Start Input Stream=No (these are parameters that worked under previous Android/OOS 10).  But the bootlooping prevents real tests.  Once or twice the phone failed to restart until several tries.

When I disable Rooted Options, the phone returns to normal behavior -- no bootloops, just echoing phone calls until I stop recording (echo disappears on remote phone).

Any thoughts?  BoldBeast is very important to me!  Thanks in advance.


You said "they produce unacceptable echo on the remote phone". Actually an app can't produce echo on the remote phone. Please test again.

Enabling the rooted options in Boldbeast doesn't make your phone bootloop. Because the app do nothing special. It just changes audio related settings to make both your voice and the voice of the other end recorded. After power off then power on the phone, Android will restore all audio settings changed by Boldbeast to their original values. Please test again.

You are suggested to use the "Alsa2 Mode" to record calls. No need to install the CallRecordingFix module, no need to enable the accessibility service, no other requirements.