"no data" even there are calls that the boldbeast showed me the icon which mean that the call was recrded
can you help me solve that ?


On Android 10 by default your recordings were saved in the folder "/sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder". After upgrading to Android 11 the app is no longer allowed to visit the folder. This is the reason why it can't play back the old recordings.

- change "App Settings - Clip Saving Drive" to SAF (Storage Access Framework).
- tap "App Settings - Clip Saving Folder" to choose the folder.

Now it can visit the folder, and can play back your old recordings.


its not old calls i just installed it now
i foun wha was wrong :
i saw in the setings : auto record calls it was shuted off when i turned it on it said this function is just in the pro version and it will record calls just first 30 seconds
i recordede anyway
and now anothe problem :i playback and its silent


Please see [009] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to use suggested settings to record calls.


you earsing my posts
i bought the pro version and stil the playback is silent iv done all things on troubleshotings and still silent and also "unknown" calls without number