I am noticing a few oddities that I think might be related to the Boldbeast Recorder and I would greatly appreciate some insight.

1) I noticed that Google Assistant no longer works. Any time I press and hold the home button, Google Assistant says that audio is currently in use and cannot start. Nothing is being played so I am wondering if this is a side effect of Boldbeast Recorder? I do know the FAQ says that "OK Google" does not work with Boldbeast, so I thought maybe it was related. It's not the end of the world, but...

2) I also notice most of my apps will refuse to play a notification sound. For example, my text messaging app, Youtube notifications, Instagram private messages etc used to make a sound when I got a new notification. This seems to have gone away after installing Boldbeast Recorder. A few apps will still play notification sounds but most do not. Rebooting the phone always fixes it, but eventually it happens again after a while. I was thinking this might be related to Boldbeast Recorder since it renders "OK Google" unusable, which makes me think maybe Boldbeast could be muting my notifications for some reason since the audio is always in use or something?

3) My battery life is really bad. I could go all day without using my phone and I will be at 10% by 8 PM. If Boldbeast Recorder is constantly running 24/7, interrupting the audio aspects of my phone, I was wondering if Boldbeast could be the cause of the poor battery life? No particular apps are showing high battery use in the battery stats menu.

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give on the matter! My phone is rooted and on Android 10 if it helps. Thanks so much for reading! :)




I guess it is safe to say this app has been abandoned?