I'm E72 owner.

Boldbeast run good, without beep, but on Voice Memo Clip option the time of recording is for only 2 seconds. Then recorder swith off. Why?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi abianco, could you please tell us what the format you use, WAV or AMR, or both?


We have had the answer.

Nokia broke the API we used to record AMR clips in some S60 FP2 phones like E72/E52 with newer firmwares. Currently you can record phone call clips in WAV and AMR format, but can record voice memo clips in WAV format only.

To fix this problem, we'll change the voice memo recording module to use other APIs to record AMR clips, you'll be able to record voice memo clips in WAV and AMR format in the next version. Of course update of the software is free.


Thank you.
I confirm that Voice Memo clips runs well recording in WAV Format.

I buy now Software.



Boldbeast Recorder 2.7 is available now, please update your software. It works well in AMR and WAV format on Nokia E72/E52.