The software is not working correctly for me.  I'm wondering if it's because my phone is on Google Fi instead of a normal carrier.

When I first installed the software, it worked correctly.  I was able to record calls.  Since then, I have rooted the phone and applied the settings outlined in the forum: - Record Mode: 1  - Tune Audio Route: No  - Change Audio Controls: Yes  - Change Audio Driver: No  - Start Input Stream: Yes

However, I keep getting the error "Cannot record calls, please change 'Record Mode' in settings and try again."

Any ideas?  Is the a Google Fi specific issue?


Yes, I guess the reason is Google Fi. When you make a call by Google Fi, actually the call may be a

(1) call via wifi.
(2) call via T-Mobile.
(3) call via Sprint.

In the case of (2) and (3) above I believe the call can be recorded correctly. In the case of (1) above the call can't be recorded, because the HAL (Hardware Audio Layer) of the phone doesn't support it.