Can anybody tell us whether Boldbeast Recorder works or not on your S60 V3 FP1 phones? thanks.


Boldbeast Recorder 2.7 is available now, it supports S60 V3 FP1 phones, no beeps on both sides.


Bold baest team this is best call recorder.
but some issue is that   some time beep hear in c5-00 v71.005
so please help me ..
sent solution on my mail if possible ...


Could you please tell us in what conditions your c5-00 beeps?


Installed on N97, tried call from N97 Mini to N81, two beeps, the first at about 1 sec, the second at about 15 sec, as usual; same result if call from N81 to N97 Mini.


Do you mean on both your N97 (S60 V5) and your N81 (S60 V3 FP1) Boldbeast can't suppress beeps? Are you sure you installed the latest Boldbeast 2.7?


Yes, i'm sure. I downloaded the latest release yesterday and  installed it on N97 Mini. I always had two beeps, for incoming calls and outgoing calls. So, whatever is your solution, in my case works only after the second beep :-) Regards


We have no idea why the result of your N97 Mini (S60 V5) is exactly the same as your N81 (S60 V3 FP1) : one beep at 1 second, another beep at 15 seconds.

We tested on our phones, totally no beeps.


well, i don't have either :-) maybe a different firmware version? in any case i just wanted let you know, i'll wait for a solution sooner or later, it's not a matter of life :-) best regards