Will Boldbeast work with the new Nokia 6.1 2018 ?


Nokia 6.1 Android 8
It works great, no root needed, just install Boldbeast Recorder and go.
Please use these settings to record calls:

- Record Mode: 1
- Record Format: MP3
- File Sampling Rate: 44100

Recorded calls are loud and clear in both sides.

Nokia 6.1 Android 9
Android 9 disabled the call recording feature. This is the reason why your own voice is good but the caller's voice is very weak in recordings. No matter what recorder you are using in the market the result is the same. You can test and confirm this fact.

Boldbeast Recorder can fix the problem perfectly if you root the phone. After root the phone please enable the "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls" option in the app, then you'll get recordings loud and clear in both sides. The option is visible only after you root the phone.

Without root there will be no solution in the world unfortunately, with root Boldbeast Recorder is exactly the solution.

Nokia 6.1 Android 10
Android 10 call recording: https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic18 … rding.html


Nokia 8: Nokia 8 Call Recorder
Nokia 7: Nokia 7 Call Recorder
Nokia 6.1: Nokia 6.1 Call Recorder
Nokia 6: Nokia 6 Call Recorder
Nokia 5: Nokia 5 Call Recorder
Nokia 3: Nokia 3 Call Recorder


But even after making the above settings boldbeast is unable to record the voice from the other side


You must have updated to Android 9 Pie. Please see the post #2 above, you should root the phone to fix the problem. This is the only way to go.

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Call recording for Nokia 6,


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After downloading the new Android 10, Boldbeast doesn't work on my Nokia 6.1; formerly it was all ok. I follow the instructions written in the Playstore Page but nothing. I received an alert on my phon that said "Impossible call recording. Please go to call settings and change the calling mode: the most used are n. 1-5-4.
How can I do?
Thanks for your help


You said the app displayed the message "Impossible call recording", that indicates another recorder is blocking Boldbeast Recorder. Please uninstall all other recorders, then it works at once.


boldbeast wrote:

You said the app displayed the message "Impossible call recording", that indicates another recorder is blocking Boldbeast Recorder. Please uninstall all other recorders, then it works at once.

I remove a voice recording app and I disabled the authorization to Google for using microphone.
Nothing, it doesn't work.

Now I follow the instructions on Playstore, I tap the accessibility service on the screen and the hotkey and i set the default settings, but it doesn't work.
The calling mode now is 12.

Any advice?


- Install Boldbeast Recorder V13.0 here: https://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_recorder.html
- Tap "Call Settings - Manually Record Calls - Hotkey" in the app, enable Boldbeast Call Recorder accessibility service on the screen.
- Tap "Set Default Settings" in the app.
Now test again.

If the problem is still there, please click "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Ask New Parameters" in Boldbeast Recorder to send log files to me, let me have a look at them and see what happened in your phone. Thanks.

I checked your log files.
In addition to the limit added into Android 10 by Google, it seems Nokia added another limit into the ROM to completely block the call recording feature. I'm afraid you should root the phone to fix the problem, because all recorders surely don't work unfortunately (you can test and confirm the fact yourself).