I am able to record calls prviously without any issues. But yesterday while i was in call and recording that call, i got another call, put in hold previous call and attendeded the second call. After disconnected the call everything going fine ( call in recorded mode). When I check my recordings entire call recorded but I can hear only few minutes(before the second call came). I want to know why the call not recorded after second call diconnected.

Does the size or Recording lenth matters ?
Is it possible to recover audio as I have total call recorded?

Please let us know the solution or avoid these types of situations in furture.


Most phones in the market have bugs in the ROM, for example they may not record the caller's voice or your own voice

- when you connect a wired headset to the phone, or
- when you connect a bluetooth headset to the phone, or
- when you click the Mute button during the call, or
- when you click the Speaker button during the call, or
- when a new call comes during the first call, or
- some other situations maybe.

Because these problems are in the ROM, there is no solution to fix them in the market without root. So please find out the real reason and avoid trigger it. It's different from phone to phone.

However if you root the phone Boldbeast Recorder can fix most of the problems. After root the phone please enable the "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls" option, then most of the problems will disappear at once. The option is visible only after you root the phone.