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Lately, I've been reading on how to root the S7, snapdragon version, but am a little worried about bricking my phone and what not
The reason I want to root it, to begin with, is so I can use Tincore to map gamepad keys to my games that have no gamepad support(im using a xbox one bluetooth controller)Games like, NBA jam, prizefighter, and some others. I've had the phone for almost 2 years and am sure the warranty has run out so I'm not worried about warranty.
I'm not sure if going through the hassle of rooting it is worth it and wanted to know if my S7 even can be rooted. Using Tincore to give gamepad options is the only reason I want to do it. Also, I'm curious of what kind of security issues I would facing and is it possible to make still have my phone be secure and can I Manually download updates for it if it's rooted?? Is rooting the phone something that can be done correctly and done with success if done corectly?Thanks and look forward to your responses.


There are more than 10000 Android phones, the root approach is different from phone to phone, please google "Root Galaxy S7" to know how to root your phone. I don't have the same phone myself, so I don't know the detail. Sorry.

After root the phone you can allow or disallow a specific app to get root access. You should allow an app to get root access only if you trust it.