Has anyone Call Recorder working with the new Pocophone F1 phone? I just installed it and registered a full version, but somehow I don't see the Call recorder is running in the background as I had on my Samsung S8. There is an internal option to record calls in the phone, but I don't use it.


Nevermind, it is running now. I turned of an option in the internal call recording app, and rebooted the Phone. After the reboor the Boldbeast Call Recorder app was running in the background and is now recording.
Cheers, Dennis


Glad to know it.


Hi, I still have some problems running the software. I just received a call and when we finished the conversation I didn't get the pop-up message if I want to save the call. (I have set up to pop-up everytime)
This happens more often, and sometimes the pop-up comes only after another call or 2 other calls and then asks it for all calls before.


If you set the app to "Ask Before Save", at the end of recording the app will display a message to ask you if you want to save the recording. If your phone is locked you can't see the message, instead you'll see it when you unlock the home screen.

This is not a behavior of the app, instead this is a standard behavior of Android. All android phones works the same way.