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Hi guys, maybe you can help me.
I have basic edition of Boldbeast and it doesn't work on my E7 properly.

The situation is as follow:
1. During the call I see the recording indicator in top right. I don't hear any beeping.
2. After the call Boldbeast informs me how long call was, from whom etc and informs that it is saving the clip.
3. Later when I open Boldbeast it seems that there is  a call recorded BUT I cannot playback it at all (however I can playback memos recorded via Boldbeast). Also I cannot move or copy the clip. It shows the message that the clip was moved or copied but it seems like a bogus info, because it doesn't copy it anywhere.

Can you help???
Thanks in advance.



Hi Kera,

When Boldbeast is recording during phone call, there must be another recorder software running in the mean time on your phone. In this case only one of the two recorders can work.

It is obvious Boldbeast did not record the clip correctly by the interference from that recorder software, so you can't play back, copy, move it.

Please disable or uninstall that recorder software, Boldbeast will work well.



Any other reason? I don't have any other recorder installed on my E7.
Actually Boldbeast is the first and only (so far) application I installed on this phone.

Myabe I should try to  re-install Boldbeast? How do you think?


The most likely reason is that another software is blocking Boldbeast from recording phone calls correctly. If you don't know what the software it is, probably the best way is resetting the phone and reinstalling Boldbeast.