Would be nice to get a list of phones with Android 9, on which Boldbeast still works in all countries. That may help people to choose new smartphones if calls recording are important for them.


If the recorder works good, users usually don't contact me.
If the recorder doesn't work good, they wrote to me.
A few users sometimes told me "it works", and told me "I'm in the xxxx country". Most users didn't do so. For this reason it's hard to make a list of which phone works good without root in which country.


Is there any smartphone with Android 9 you can recommend for a user in Europe? My friend uses Samsung S9, and he said call recording works properly after updating to Android 9. I am not familiar with Samsung smartphones. Does Samsung have its own call recording methods?

Any info is well appreciated.


For a specific phone, in a specific market area, Samsung may

- allow third-party recorders work, or
- block third-party recorders work but enable the user to use its built-in recorder, or
- block third-party recorders work and disable the user to use its built-in recorder.


I have a Moto E6 play with Android 9. It doesn't seem this is 'Pie". It doesn't formulate it in that way. I just reads "Android 9" on my phone. What are the latest updates on this?