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I use Oneplus5t (Android9) and the device is rooted. I use Bold beast Pro 12.6 GP. I have couple of queries.

1. The good news is Bold Beast is super in recording the call, but the bad news is it does with Alsa recording mode with MP3 as file format. The MP3 format really consumes a lot of space . Can the developer please provide a more compressed file format to save the recording ( .amr would be preferred) with alsa mode with android 9 .
2. Can I upload the recording files directly onto Google drive and there should not be any local copy available in my phone internal memory? In this way at least I can save my phone as I have many other applications installed, files available  which makes a very less space in my mobile phone.

please do the needful by replying to above queries, it might help many other users too.


1. If you want to use the AMR format, please use these settings to record calls in your OnePlus 5T:
- Record Mode: 1
- Record Format: AMR
- Fix Recording Issues - Tune Audio Route: Group1
- Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls: Yes
- Fix Recording Issues - Start Input Stream: Yes

2. In Boldbeast Recorder you can set the app to "automatically delete old recordings when occupied space in total exceeds a predefined number". Please change the option "Call Settings - Max Space Limited (MB)" to the number you want, for example 1000 MB.


Dear Admin,
When I do the same setting, the recorded voice seems to have slowed down and it's not at all clear ...

What to do?



samsombdk wrote:

When I do the same setting, the recorded voice seems to have slowed down


- Click the item "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Install CallRecordingFix Module", it will display the folder name in which the CallRecordingFix module is saved.
- Use Magisk Manager to install the CallRecordingFix module.
- Power off then power on the phone.

Now use the same settings suggested in the post #2 above, how about it?


Hi Admin, I am unable to install "- Use Magisk Manager to install the CallRecordingFix module." from local folder of Phone. How to do it?