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Date: 21-January-2020; Day 3 of my quest to uncover the secrets of phone recording software and allow use with my device.
I'm not a professional in matters concerning app development, interpreting code languages, or anything similar including backend work. With the exception of my "Hypothesis" everything is me recording(pun 100% intended) what I was told, what I researched, and what I did.

I'm not going to engage in an argument or debate in regard to what I was told or researched. If anything I would find it most helpful if you correct or further explain anything that is off, while providing supporting documentation that could be useful to others as well as myself, heck maybe even inspire someone to pursue learning something.

I simply want Boldbeast Call Recorder to function as intended without rooting my device. I have been a customer of theirs for multiple years and everything was fantastic.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G
Model: SM-N976V

Service Provider: Verizon

Android version: 10

SE for Android status:

One UI version: 2.0

Kernel Version 4.14.117

Knox: 3.4.1

Developer options enabled/accessible

Geographic location: United States.

(Please let me know of any additional information I am able to provide would be useful)

Boldbeast Call Recorder worked flawlessly prior to the Android 10 update that was coupled with 3 security updates. Currently it records the duration of the call however the save/output file in both WAV and MP3 formats don't contain the audio from my patient nor myself.

I was curious if the issue is related to the phone model in conjunction with one or more of the following:
the Android 10 software & 3 security updates, the Operating System (OS), or Google.

Upon further inquiry by calling Google, they have been receiving numerous calls from owners of my device, matching the specifications listed above, who are experiencing the same symptoms only after the Android 10 and associated security updates.
In addition, there are applications that are causing crashes; Boldbeast is NOT one of those applications. The helpful representative (rep) from Google I spoke with told me of an application (app) that is confirmed to work properly with my device, I have tested it and the audio is properly recorded from all connected parties, with speaker-phone on and off.

NOTE: I didn't change any settings inside the app the Google rep recommended, I only followed the prompts within the app on my phone and authorized everything.

I would normally have stopped there and merely switched to the new app. However, I was curious and would greatly prefer Boldbeast any day.

So, I stayed on the phone for another hour & 1/2. From there I conferenced a call with Samsung and Google reps.

According to the Samsung rep I spoke with, there are a number of combinations and steps one may attempt to resolve this problem. I had already tried all of them thanks to previous research. This includes various combinations of the following: uninstalling the app, shutting down the phone, reinstalling the app, installing previous versions of the app, device maintenance, clearing the cache, default phone settings, default app settings.

NOTE: I also tried everything I could find on this forum including, but not limited to the Admin post here https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic18 … rding.html and Reddit, XDA forums, Tech websites promising solutions, and many other sources, too many to list.

Due to those previous steps not solving the issue with Boldbeast Call Recorder, Samsung then recommended I visit one of their authorized device technicians in person. They provided me with locations via Text and Email so this way my WARRANTY wouldn't be voided, alongside a ticket number for reference to the onsite provider.

The technician is supposed to be able to REFLASH my device. Which, according to Samsung, allows for multiple solutions each in varying degree:

1. The issue may simply be that the Android software and security updates didn't install correctly. Seeing as multiple users are reporting problems with exact circumstances as mine, I doubt this to be the case, however I won't discount this as a possibility.

2. They are able to REVERT the SECURITY updates.

3. They are able to REVERT both SECURITY and ANDROID 10 updates to ANDROID 9.

#1 Wouldn't that be dandy!

#2 Is an unacceptable solution for me due to an increase of potential security breaches of the confidential recordings of my clients and I.

#3 Is an unacceptable solution as well, not only due to the increased security risks, but the fact I may have to uninstall many 3rd party apps, then reinstall to be compatible with Android 9. Plus, there are numerous unspecified issues that are likely to occur (thanks Google), the most important being your phone becomes an expensive brick which would suck if you use an authenticator app (thankfully I use Yubikeys for most things).


In conclusion, due to app the Google rep recommended working as intended on my device and Boldbeast Call Recorder not recording voices as intended I must assume that the issue lies with the Developer:
Boldbeast Software Incorporated.

Finally, the moment Boldbeast Call Recorder is confirmed to work as intended on my device, without rooting, I will uninstall the unnamed app. and modify this review & my rating.

Boldbeast was the best, regain your crown.

P.S. I purposely left out the name of the app the Google rep recommended that works, in this forum post, due to logical reasoning slightly tainted by feelings for a company I prefer; years of reliability. If you know how to use duckduckgo and read the topic subject and body of this message I'm sure you'll find my other "review".


Can you DM me which app is working for you?


- In Boldbeast Recorder tap "Call Settings - Manually Record Calls - Hotkey" to open the Accessibility settings screen, enable Boldbeast Call Recorder accessibility service on the screen. 
- In Boldbeast Recorder use Record Mode 12 to record calls.
Now most Android 10 phones will record calls great, both your voice and the caller's voice are crystal clear in recordings.
However some phones still have this problem - your own voice is good but the caller's voice is very weak in recordings. This is because your phone has another limit inside, and it's impossible to be bypassed. If you root the phone Boldbeast Recorder can fix the problem perfectly. If you don't root the phone there will be no good solution in the whole world without doubt unfortunately.

"Another recorder works but Boldbeast Recorder doesn't work", this is simply and absolutely impossible. Please test again.


vloshko...can you email me please? michaelbedgood AT gmail

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those who asked me to contact them:  the new recorder no longer works.

Boldbeast, that doesn't work either.

New setup: handheld recorder inline