Sometime on or about March 2nd, Google made some changes to Google Drive.  Since then, Google Drive cloud sync doesn’t work.  Does anyone else see this?  Has anyone been able to resolve?

Back story
I‘ve been syncing Boldbeast (Samsung S7) with Goggle Drive for more than 3 years.  Same phone, same app with no hardware or Google account changes.  I am NOT new to either Google or Boldbeast.  All updates have been installed.   

App Settings,
Backup Cloud Drive...

When I select “Google” as my cloud drive, the options (Cloud Folder, etc) are grayed out.


I have just checked it. It seems Google is doing something on their server.
Please test it again later.


Any news about when this issue will be resolved please?


It seems Google changed something on their server.
Now it works again.