Hi there, I use to have the cube recording app with my older Samsung phone but since I've upgraded to the galaxy z flip it doesn't record the other person when I'm driving (with my Bluetooth activated) or when I'm using my headset.  I'm told the app doesn't support android 10 version and that's why it's no longer working. I would like to replace it with an app that will. Any suggestions? I'm in Canada, with Fido cell service.


Please see [009] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to use suggested settings to record calls. If it works, that's OK. Otherwise:
- If you don't root the phone, you have to wait for Samsung to fix it in future ROM updates.
- If you root the phone, and your phone has a Qulcomm chipset inside, Boldbeast Recorder can fix it at once. Please enable the "Change Audio Control" option in the app, then you'll record calls perfectly in two directions via bluetooth. The option is visible only after you root the phone. Also Boldbeast Recorder works well if you don't use bluetooth.
- If you root the phone, and your phone has a chipset other than Qulcomm inside, you still have no solution on the whole market to fix the bluetooth problem unfortunately. However if you don't use bluetooth Boldbeast Recorder works well.