Hello sir
I have shifted boldbeast pro license from my s7 edge to s21 ultra. I did some settings in app but call recorder only records my voice and do not record voice of other person. Can you tell me how to fix it.
Thank you


Please confirm you are using the latest version of Boldbeast Recorder, and try to change the setting "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Tune Samsung1" to test again. If the problem is still there, you should
- Switch on the loudspeaker during a call, so Boldbeast can record the call on both sides normally. Or
- Root the phone, so Boldbeast can fix it completely to record calls on both sides perfectly without switching on the loudspeaker.


Thank you for a reply.
I am using 14.7 GP Pro version.
After doing settings in Fix recording issues as said by you then also caller sound don't record in software. i also want to mention here is that I don't want to root my mobile and moreover I want to record calls without using loud speaker. I want to record direct calls.
Thank You


The latest version (14.7 GP) allows me to record calls on my S21 Ultra as long as I use speaker, so that's a decent workaround.  But it also seems to have broken the double tap to turn the screen off.  I can't be 100% sure but I'm at least 90% sure BoldBeast did that because double tap to turn the screen off stopped working right after I installed 14.7 GP.  Tried rebooting the phone: same result.  Double tap to turn off the screen no longer working.  Curiously, double tap to turn ON the screen works.



Not working in screen on also. I think boldbeast is not compatible for today's android latest version. I think i have to uninstall boldbeast as it is not working and not useful today's time.


Can you please click "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Ask New Parameters" in Boldbeast Recorder to send log files to me? Let me have a look at them and see what happened in your phone. Thanks.


Hello, i live in European Union and i have S21 Ultra and my question is: please is something new in call records without use loudspeaker? If so, please for info on how to make call recording - Boldbeast - settings. Thank YOU!


Please see [009] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to use suggested settings to record calls.

If it works, that's good. Otherwise you should root the phone because in this case all other recorders surely don't work either. After root the phone please set Record Mode to "Alsa2 Mode" on Boldbeast Recorder, then you'll get crystal clear recordings at once.