I am using an unrooted Pixel 4 with Android 11. Call recording seems to be working - could hear myself and background nice clearly, voice from the other end less clear but still audible.

But the recording would be silent after I muted the call (as I have to record meetings at work, I must dial in the conference room mute my phone to avoid any noise or echo).

Having read some older threads, it was mentioned that the call routing is changed when the user click mute during the call. Could I confirm that rooting my device and activate "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls" is likely to be a solution?

Anyone able to record their calls when muted?



I have just tested with a rooted Pixel 4a Android 11 phone.
During the call when I tapped the mute button to mute the microphone, my voice was not recorded but the voice of the other end was recorded. When I tapped the mute button again to unmute it, both sides were recorded.