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Using Call Recorder with an old Nexus 5.
Device was rooted, used to work perfectly both ways.

I had to factory-reset, rooted again, re-installed boldbeast again - tried to use same settings:

Call is recorded both ways only if headset is plugged in.
If using the phone without headset, only my voice is recorded.

I've tried changing recording modes, to no avail.
This goes for both incoming and outgoing. Any ideas?


Please enable the option "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Change Audio Controls", then it works at once.


Thank you for your reply.
the "change audio controls" option was already on -  doesn't fix the problem.

Still the other party is only recorded if during the call headphones are plugged in.


Are you using a third-party ROM?
Please enable "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Start Input Stream" to fix it.

If your ROM is Android 9 up, first please install the CallRecordingFix module.
- Open Boldbeast Recorder, tap the item "Call Settings - Fix Recording Issues - Install CallRecordingFix Module", it will display the folder name in which the CallRecordingFix module is saved.
- Open Magisk Manager, and
  . If you are using Magisk V20 or an older version, tap the top-left icon, tap Modules, tap the bottom-center "+" icon to install the CallRecordingFix module.
  . If you are using Magisk V21 or a newer version, tap the bottom-right icon, tap "Install from storage" to install the CallRecordingFix module.
- Power off then power on the phone.