If I am on a call and I receive 1 or more text messages and I go to read them during the call, after reading the texts the message icon still appears in the upper right hand corner by my battery icon. After I hang up the call I can then even go delete the messages and the message symbol is STILL up in the upper right hand corner by the battery icon.

If I am on a call and I receive a text and wait til after the call is over to read or delete the text, the message icon is STILL up in the upper right hand corner by the battery icon.

The only way for me to get the message icon to go away is to restart my phone every single time I receive a text while on a call.

Please help me, I paid entirely too much for this to not work properly. Thanks.


phone N8

active processes:

1) nokia sleeping screen
2) SPB weather

(i have tried removing both these programs as well) and re installing boldbeast several times between C and E drives with no luck what so ever. If i receive a text during a phone call I can count on that message icon never going away no matter what until I restart my phone. please help. thanks.


MORE INFO: On my N8 homescreen I have both the messaging icon and the conversations icon. During a phone call, if I receive a text message I can view that message by clicking on the conversations (i always use conversations to view my messages) but then as I have stated above the messaging icon will never go away until a phone reset. Well messing around with it more I tried to see if opening the regular messaging program INSTEAD of conversations would allow the messaging icon to disappear. turns out the hole messaging will not even open. It just goes to a grey screen with the boldbeast green dot at the top. However if I press the menu key to return to the menu and click conversations, it opens up perfectly. (however the message icon still does NOT go away, until a phone restart anyways) As stated before it does NOT matter if i try to view the messages while on the phone call, or after hanging up.


Thank you very much.
We are working on it, if we found the solution we'll fix it in the future version.


Boldbeast Nokia Call Recorder 2.8 is available, please update your software. This bug is fixed.