Hi tried both V2.60 and V2.70 on the trail and got on fine with both on my C5 nokia fully working perfect! Paid for regestration (basic) and put in my serial number.
Software still works fine apart from have lost the ability to manual record only having auto record all calls. The menu option for manual/ auto record calls is also missing from the menu.
This really is no good to me as I need the manual record option as I recive many many business calls a day and the auto record takes to much messing about after each save or not.
I really need a solution as this is no good to me and I have had to stop the program running in the background making it worthless to me.
Nothing has changed at all on my phone since running both trails apart from inputting the reg number. I have tried uninstalling ang reinstalling both versions but with the same out come.
Not happy!


You don't miss the option. Indeed all Demo, Advanced and Basic editions can automatically and manually start/stop recording.

Please select a Hot Key(22 keys available, the default is the Application Menu key), and select a Hot Key Mode(6 modes available, the default is Press Thrice), and save the settings.

Now you can trigger the hot key, for example press the Application Menu key thrice quickly, this will manually start/stop recording at once.

By the way, enter a wrong register code can return your Basic edition back to the Demo edition.


Yes the option is missing.
Option 1 in phone call settings the auto record all calls. My phone call settings option 1 is now sampling bitrate. I used to keep Boldbeast set to manual to decide after I had taken the call.
My phone spends a lot of the time connected to a Sony blue tooth in car head unit and as such throughout any call taken whilst driving the beeps drives both parties nuts.
I used to keep it set on manual to avoid the in car situations.
If I reinstall the demo versions option 1 in phone call settings in the auto/ manual and option 2 is sampling bitrate as in your screen shots on the main web page. Please help!


Oh, sorry I misunderstood you.

Yes, in Basic edition every phone call will be recorded automatically. Advanced edition has relatively more options.

We'll consider it.


Basic edition only having auto record is not what your list of features on the main web page for both editions says.
If you look there is a green tick on both auto record and manual record for advanced and BASIC editions.

I run both trail versions and was extremly happy with how it worked, when I pay and put in my reg number it takes away the most basic menu part of the software that made it so good for me.

I do not need the advanced edition with password protection etc, if the added features were there no problem I just wouldn't use them,but I saw no point in paying for the features I would never use.

I use the software to record new business contact details or details of the job required to go through and sort later so I don't miss anything by scribbling notes on bits of paper.

Your help please! as I've paid a lot of money for a phone app after running the trail versions and checking the list of features for both editions on the main web page to see which I need and now I'm unable to use the software. It is not pratical for me to keep turning the software on and off every time I'm in and out of the car.
I need the ability to manual to record or the Boldbeast software is of no use to me, your help please!


Thank you for telling us the real use case. This feature will be available soon in Basic edition.


Mnay thanks for your help, this will make the Boldbeast perfect for me.


Boldbeast Nokia Call Recorder 2.8 is available, please update your software. Auto Record can be disabled in Basic edition now.

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Many thanks for your speedy response. I can see you take your customer care seriously. I have downloaded and installed 2.80 and made a couple of dummy calls to voice mail and can report that the software seems to be working perfect, well done.

For your next app may I suggest a mobile version of a calculator.

That could keep a running monthly milage, costs and miles per gallon (U.K.) there are a few fuel mobile apps out there but none can compare with the symplicty and ease of use as this it just needs the running monthly totals thing. I for one would be very intrested!
You seem to have struck on a truly business based app with the recorder for logging contact details as they are given or job details making me seem far more professional to my contacts. This MPG calculator is also a very important business tool.


Thank you for your suggestion. We'll consider it.