Boldbeast Call Recorder works great on Nokia E7 without beeps with phone by itself, but when connected via bluetooth beeps are heard at both ends of the conversation. I would be obliged if you could work on an update to help this.


When using CAR Bluetooth I can not hear the messages being played back - when I disconnect, the sound comes through the phone speaker. This may be a problem at the car end, but I would appreciate your comments and thoughts.
Otherwise the Call recorder is great.


Thank you for telling us this information, we'll investigate it.


The investigating result of the bluetooth issue:

We connected a headset via bluetooth to a Nokia C7-00, and made several phone calls, no beeps on both sides, it's perfect. It is obvious there are some differences of the internal audio processing logic between E7-00 and C7-00.

When the phone call audio is routed to a bluetooth device, Boldbeast Recorder can suppress beeps on some phone models perfectly, but may fail on some others, sometimes even prevent the phone call audio to be routed to the bluetooth device.

Solution: currently no solution.


I have a Nokia E7-00, firmware ver. 1.1. I youse bluetooth headset "Nokia BH-804", and I don't have beep, it's perfect.

I'm happy.... :)


I have been investigating the bluetooth issue a bit further.  It works with no beeps to bluetooth headset (as mentioned by XPROZ) but when connected to a CAR bluetooth the problem is there.
I first noticed it with a Nissan bluetooth system, but the problem also exists with a Parrott Hands Free Car kit.
Similarly I can hear the messages being spoken with a bluetooth headset but not with either of the tried bluetooth car kits.
It would be great if it could be fixed, BUT it won't stop me buying it if it can't - great product.



The same problem (beeping) with Nokia E6-00 and Skoda bluetooth system. In addition, sometimes the voice quality is very poor. I would be great if you could fix it, as a call recorder is obviously very helpful when driving...
Otherwise the software is perfect.


The beep suppression method we used don't affect the recording quality. The recording quality is just determined by the wireless signal and your phone itself.

When Boldbeast is recording phone call, the phone call audio can be routed to headset via bluetooth with no problem, but it can't be routed to car kit via bluetooth. Unfortunately we have not find the way yet to fix it.


I’m having the same problem, when I connect my Nokia N8 to my Honda Accord or Audi Q7 Bluetooth handsfree; I’m getting a loud beeping every 15 seconds. 

I’m using a competitor’s software on my Nokia E71, when I connect to my Honda Accord and Audi, there is not beep.


The "Bluetooth + Car Kit" issue affects Symbian^3, S60 V5, S60 V3 FP2 phones. However S60 V3 FP1 phones are not affected.
Boldbeast can work on your Nokia E71, when you connect to your Honda Accord and Audi, you will find there is no beep.


To discuss this bluetooth issue, have a look at http://www.nokia-call-recorder.com/foru … issue.html