Hi, all recorded calls list, without the conversation, i.e. without the actual recording, only the call list is recorded under the Camera directory, in PDF directory, with file size 0.
How to stop that?


By default your recordings are saved in the "/sdcard/com.boldbeast.recorder/rec" folder, you can click the "App Settings - Clip Saving Folder" option in the app to choose another folder if you want.

Boldbeast Recorder has already instructed other apps "please don't index recordings in this folder", so apps provided by Android don't index the recordings. However if you are using third-party apps they may simply ignore the instruction, so they still index your recordings rudely and unnecessarily. You should change third-party app settings if any to tell them not to do so.

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Help!  I have an android phone.  I have multiple recordings but can only hear one message.  I have followed all of the prompts but keep getting the the same error message that others are getting. Not sure what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated.


You said "I have multiple recordings but can only hear one message", do you mean "I can only hear my own voice, but can't hear the caller's voice in recordings?" I guess you are running Android 9 Pie, see here: https://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic17 … rding.html