Hello All, I just got the new S20 Ultra, installed Boldbeast, corrected the 'no sound from other party" issue, and now am wondering how can I get the recordings to list the number and name that has been recorded. This worked fine thrugh ann my android phones up  Android 10. Anyone run into this so far?  I have extreme callblocker on myphone as well so thinking of white listing all my contacts. That app is set to allow calls from all my contacts so I was not expecting this issue.


Please install Boldbeast Recorder from https://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_recorder.html directly to overwrite the version in your phone, at once the telephone number and contact name problem will disappear.
Why? Please see [007] in this page http://www.boldbeast.com/android/call_r … oting.html to know the reason.
Don't uninstall the app then reinstall it. Instead please install and overwrite it directly, so that all your settings and recordings will remain unchanged.


Thanks so much. I bought a new phone, which would have been an apple but since Bold Beast is not built for IPhones. I could not buy one. I have come to truly hate google, and wanted to be be further rid of them. Unfortunately, had to get another android phone because i MUST HAVE MY BOLD BEAST APP!!!!!!!!! Is it because Apple themselves interferes with recording calls? Don't get me wrong, I really like my new phone, has a great camera, but I just tremendously hate google.  Thanks again, it did correct the issue.


It's hard to develop a call recorder for iPhone because of Apple limits.


I have a new android 10 Motorola stylus 2020. The app is working on speakerphone only but is creating an echo for the other party.  Without the speakerphone, the other party's voice in the recording is very very weak almost inaudible while my voice is loud. The setting is in mode 12. I don't have the ability to root my phone and I'm told rooting would void the guarantee. Thank you for your help.


In this case if you don't root the phone, there is no solution on the whole market unfortunately.


It is really a pity that such a complete app requires so much technical knowledge and sometimes a major change in the operation of the OS.  And the worst: after reading several posts on the forum, I realize that luck is also needed.  Frankly, and I just haven't uninstalled it yet, ending with frustration, because for me BB has been an excellent recorder of Voice notes...


Yes, you are right. Luck is also needed.
Generally, if Boldbeast Recorder doesn't work, all other recorders don't work either for sure, without exception. However if all other recorders don't work, Boldbeast Recorder may still work because it has far more options to bypass limits set by Google and the manufacturer.