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After updating Android to version 12, the app simply DOESN'T OPEN ANYMORE. I already reinstalled and it didn't solve the problem!
I see other reports about the problem on the forum but the developer doesn't seem to be worried about solving the problem!
I'm using Boldbeast Call Recordera version 14.9. and my smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S10.
But according to the reports on the forum, the problem is not related to the device model, but to the incompatibility of the application with Android 12.


This happened to me as well. Cannot remove Android 12 either, can not flash if back, YET. 12 also broke navigation apps, so only way I can use nav in my truck is to NOT plug the phone into my truck. When I do, the directions are no longer available. This 12 broke many apps, and I advise to all, DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHONE YET