No root needed, OnePlus 2 phone A2001 and A2003 record calls perfectly in two directions, just install Boldbeast Recorder and go.

Please use these settings to record calls:
- Record Mode: 2, 1 or 5
- Tune Audio Route: Group3


At this moment we have no information about OnePlus 2 A2005.

Updated 2015-11-10
OnePlus 2 A2005 doesn't need root, please use same settings above to record calls, it works well.


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Hi, can the boldbeast app work with "Rooted" "Oneplus 2 - A2003" with CyanogenMod Nightly latest version ?



For many phones CM13 has no solution in the market, see the post #24 in http://www.boldbeast.com/forum/topic115 … order.html
So far we have no feedback from users about CyanogenMod Nightly latest version for Oneplus 2. You are welcome to share your test result.

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I just installed CM13 nightly on Oneplus 2, at first it didn't work, but after I installed this app that enable the call recording on CM13, now it's working by changing the settings in Boldbeast.

1) Install the apk first : http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.pyle … ecmcallrec

2) BoldBeast Settings :

Record mode : Mode5
Tune Audio Route : Group3

Voilà !


Thank you for sharing the information.

So Boldbeast Recorder works well for CyanogenMod Nightly latest version for Oneplus 2. Actually no need to install Xposed modules. Boldbeast Recorder changes the wrong audio route to the right audio route, this is the key.